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I contacted Brittany for some support after I was having a muscle spasm in my lower back for a few days. My other modalities were not working and I was ready for some relief. I have received Reiki healings for years, but never virtually, so I was very curious how the session would unfold. We had the session in the evening, I had told her what was going on for me and got comfortable in my bed and relaxed. Well, the session was AMAZING!!! Initially I just felt really relaxed and then I felt lulled into a deeper state of dropping in. It was then that my throat started buzzing. There was so much energy working there! Eventually the vibrations eased up and it was very clear to me that my low back was in spasm because I needed to use my voice in a situation I was in. It was SO clear. The session surpassed the physical and gave me clear insight into how I was stifling my emotional body. After the session, I had the conversation and my back completely released! It was INCREDIBLE!!  Brittany is INCREDIBLE!! She creates the most loving and safe and soothing atmosphere. She also has supported me with my kids' healing. SHE.IS.AMAZING!!!!! Definitely schedule with her!! Schedule your whole family!

Maura M.

Britt is so honest and present. She is such an incredible listener. She is patient and non judgemental. She r e a l l y cares. And is a real freakin’ cheerleader. Not only is she a powerful energy force during the work, but she remains steadfast long after the session is complete. Checking in, following up, sending words of inspiration or encouragement. It’s all so beautifully authentic and just wildly healing. It is uncomfortable and challenging work but no one can make you feel safer than Britt. She is a 5000 percent earth angel and massive bright light in this world. Eternally grateful for the blessing she is and loyal presence in my life. I am growing and healing and learning and loving truly because of her. Thank you B for encouraging me to take the courageous leap into my healing. I am so thankful.

Spencer E.

I’m currently pregnant, in my 5th month with my second baby, and have been doing Brittany’s virtual community breathwork weekly. Brittany and I had a few private sessions pre-pregnancy which provided a good basis for the powerful  cadence and flow of breathwork to come. My husband and I are overjoyed to be bringing a new life into our world, but the emotional weight of this pregnancy has felt heavier than I had anticipated- especially in a world coping with a pandemic. While I was unsure of how it would feel to modify breathwork for pregnancy, I was incredibly confident putting my trust in Brittany and I knew I would be held safely though the process. Her guidance was seamless and I quickly realized that the benefits are equally and effectively apparent! I feel the connection of the breath to the womb space, the increase in energy as the music builds, and the incredible release of the primal cry. The notable difference for me while pregnant is that I feel even more connected to the flow of the music, the lyrics, the beat, and the energy moving throughout my body. While pregnancy focused breathwork is somewhat gentler, it remains an active meditation facilitated by the positive, affirming vibration accompanied by Brittany’s thought focus and guidance. It has unexpectedly helped me to connect to my baby in a way I had initially struggled to do, while allowing me to release the stresses that build from the natural anxieties and body tensions that coincide with the changes of pregnancy—while raising a small child at the same time! On the flip side, I feel a peaceful catharsis and contentedness at the end of each session. Brittany’s choices of poetry, selected readings and “card drawing”always seem apropos to whatever is present and somehow applies to each participant. I am so grateful for Brittany as she brings with her an aura of peace, presence, and non-judgement. All is welcome here. And even in a virtual community class, she has a way of making me feel like I’m the only person in the room- whether its my need for anonymity and space or just being heard and held. Breathwork with Brittany has been a true gift to myself, my growing baby, and my family. I highly recommend the enjoyment and benefits of breathwork with Brittany to every pregnant mama out there!

Justine R.

I met Britt awhile back and can honestly say my life changed the moment I saw her. She had this glow. This fierce yet gentle aura that illuminated her entire being. I was lucky enough to begin a friendship with her that extended to so many different parts of my mind and soul. She is so down to mars in a way where you can completely drop your guard and let all your shit out and feel so totally held and hopeful. She introduced me to Goddess exploration and the seeking of insight from the Divine female energies in this universe a few years back and now is assisting me in more healing through her breathwork sessions. It’s amazing what she has given me through a computer screen. I can’t imagine what being in person for an experience like this could be like. I look forward to it when this chaos mellows out! 


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